LVMC’s Newest Graduate!


LVMC’s Newest Graduate!

Last month, Issac passed the GED and obtained his High School Equivalency Diploma.

“Getting my GED was something I knew I would need in life”


Before coming to Literacy Volunteers of Maricopa County (LVMC) I was not knowledgeable of the process to obtain my GED. Getting my GED was something I knew I would need in life, but I continued to put it on the backburner thinking I would not have the free time for what it required.

In January of 2021 I began looking online to try and get an understanding of how to get my GED and I went through many websites but did not figure much out.

I am not sure what I did on their website when I was looking for information about the GED process, but the next day I received a call from Tom Kho one of the instructors for the LVMC program.

He began by stating he could see I was interested in enrolling to obtain my GED and quickly explained the process to me which seemed a lot more flexible than I had made myself believe. I quickly set an appointment with him and he assisted me with getting things going with my journey.

Tom Kho and Issac Morales

I am thankful for this program because not only were they very flexible for me and very informational along the way, but you can tell all the instructors love what they do. Tom continued to nudge me in the right direction and made me see the bright student in myself that I could not. He ensured I wasted as little time possible on subjects/topics and was very informative on exactly what I needed to focus on.

The frequent communication made it that much easier as well. Without the help I received from LVMC I most likely would not have completed my GED journey as quickly or I may not have even started it.


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