I enjoy my classes at Literacy Volunteers, and the teachers are kind and passionate about teaching.  Learning to use the computer has been one of my favorite parts of the English language class; now I am able to video conference with my grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Education changes the lives of people of all ages—we all need to keep learning new things.


In addition to feeling isolated, not being able to speak English made me feel as though my options were limited.  Coming to Literacy Volunteers has changed everything for me.  I have always wanted to be a nurse, and now that I have learned to speak English, passed my GED test, and received my High School Equivalency Diploma, I finally see that as a goal I can reach.  Not only has Literacy Volunteers made things in my everyday life easier, it is providing me with the tools I need to change my entire future for the better.


When I walked into that place, they made everything possible…every single doubt I had…they helped me feel secure and taught me to trust myself…they were happy for me as I passed each exam and always so happy to help others…they’re always celebrating with you every single step of the way…they do everything to make you feel worth it and that you are worthy of their time…I want to be like them, like Literacy Volunteers of Maricopa County. You are the reason people like me have access to those services for free.


The program at Literacy Volunteers has not only improved my English language skills, but has greatly increased my confidence.  When I first moved here, if someone could not understand me I would often just give up on the conversation, but now I am far more comfortable in social situations and instead of giving up, I just pause and take a moment to find the right word so I can continue. I have also been encouraged by the diverse group of students I interact with in my classes; seeing others work to rise above their challenges inspires me to keep improving.


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