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Our students thank you for your support!

We want to thank you for your donations. We are trying to get our GED, and without your help and your support may not accomplish it. Thank you!


To: The Community

Sub: A thank you note

I want to thank the community for the help and support you are giving us. Some of us are trying real hard to study for our GED certificate. Without the free GED classes, we would be ungainly lost. Most of us lost our jobs and we are looking for work. Concerned about being unemployed, I also attend GED classes. I want to be able to find a job and a new career with a positive attitude, and also to reach my goals. My goals are to be more educated and find a career that I will love doing. When I get my GED, I want to help and support someone else. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

Sincerely yours,

A determined person

I would like to thank Literacy Volunteers for helping me to improve my reading and writing. I do come to school to prepare myself for a GED. With the education so far I am able to help my children with homework easily, and my children are very proud of me. One of my children has reached an honor roll of 4.0 in school. I believe it is because of my support. My goal is to go to college when I get my GED.

Maria Nunez

My name is Suzie Q. Stofik. I am currently a student at Literacy Volunteers. The teachers here have been most generous with me. I am been going here for five months now, and have advanced greatly. Starting at a third grade level, I am now at the eighth grade level. I also have plans for college when I graduate.

You are greatly appreciated!
Suzie Q. Stofik

Dear Literacy Volunteers:

I am very thankful for your program. I am attending the GED class because I need it to achieve for my children. The education I am receiving is helping me understand today's material. Before I started this class, I was insecure about knowing and comprehending the subjects I was given. My goals are to become a pharmacy technician, to better support my children and to live without worry. So, thank you for giving me, and other adults who need to be educated, a chance to move forward. Please continue to do what is needed, and don't hesitate to go beyond.

Thank you


My name is Ronette Goode. I'm 43 years old. I am a mother of 4. When I was 15 years old I became a mother. I did not complete high school. I completed the 11th grade. Unfortunately, I didn't go back for many years. I tried 14 years ago, but my responsibilities at home became demanding. When I became aware of your school of opportunity, I became excited. What this class has done for me is to realize how important education is. Being given another chance to become a successful citizen has made me appreciate what my community has made available for people like me. I want to take this time to thank those in my community for making the chance for me and others to receive our GED. My future goal for myself is to further educate myself as a social worker to help the less fortunate. My dream is to have a shelter for battered women and children. So once again, on behalf of my fellow classmates, I want to say thanks so much for the wonderful gift!

Thank you

Ronette Goode


Our Sincere Thanks to YOU!

Everyone at Literacy Volunteers is extremely grateful for the generous community support received each year. Individual donor contributions make up the third largest source of funding for our Learn Centers! This means that our services would not be successful without your help. Each year, we share student stories because these are true faces that benefit from your support. Literacy Volunteers is a community based program, so our volunteers and individual donors are truly invaluable to us!

The services you support each year are vital for our community because 24% of the adult population in Phoenix does not have a high school diploma, and 1 in 5 adults reads below the 5th grade level. Our programs serve unemployed and underemployed adults in our community who are seeking education as a way to improve their employment status and create a sustainable lifestyle. Adult literacy programs strengthen our workforce by opening doors to higher education, job training programs and increased involvement in the community. Individuals with a GED earn on average $8,000 more per year in taxable income, and wages continue to increase with higher education.

We want you to know that your contribution impacts not only individuals in our community, but also employers and families. Thank you for continuing to support adult literacy and Arizona's workforce. Education truly is the key to strong families, a strong workforce and a strong community!

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